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Andrew Strauss on Fire

It is interesting to see Strauss has not only poked the sleeping bear, but then opened up with a rather poor Onions who paid back the faith shown in him picking up 2 wickets with the first two balls of the day. Australia were taught a lesson in cricket today, after being restricted to 263, Strauss ensured England are looking good if rain doesnt interrupt too much, finishing on 116/2

Andrew Strauss Believes Australia have lost their aura



There are some things in life you just dont do, and prodding a sleeping bear with a stick is one of them. Strauss decided to go on air and indicate that Australia arent as good as they were…. I am glad my money is on Australia for the series as if England win it – the scores will remain 1-0

Strauss might be quite correct in his assessment but some things are better left unsaid