The Kallis and Boucher saga

Jacques Kallis was left out of the South African Twenty/20 squad for the inaugural world Twenty/20 championships being played in South Africa in September. This was a shock omission from the squad and because of his omission Kallis resigned as the South African vice-captain.

Kallis is a prime example of a player who is cool calm and collected. There is most certainly a role for Jacques Kallis to play in the SA side. Those that have enjoyed Pro20 cricket know how easy it is for a side to be 25/3 chasing 160. This is when an anchor that can stabilise the side is essential, because without a calming influence the side chasing often ends up 85/7 and the game has been lost.

Kallis has his detractors who can justify pointing out that Kallis can bat slowly at times. Almost immediately if you meet one of the detractors they will point out the game we lost in the world cup to Australia. He didn’t even score at a run a ball they will tell you, he ruined any chance we had. However that was simply not the case – look at the scorecard and you will see that. These detractors tend to forget that he is a world class bowler, an incredible fielder and one of the most senior players in the squad.

Mark Boucher indicated this point to the public via the press and has ended up with a disciplinary hearing which has been postponed until further notice. There are rumours that he might be punished with his place in the squad however those I am sure are just rumours. In reality he stuck up for the good of South African cricket and his mate. There was little that he said that could be construed as directly contravening the code of conduct. If anything his opinion was shared by those around him.

Boucher is not a man that speaks his mind often, however this was a topic close to his heart and what he said was justified.