World Twenty20 Cup Groups and Fixtures

Format: There are four groups with 3 teams in each group for the Pro20 World Cup. The top two teams go through to a super 8 group either Group E or F. The ICC has devised a fairly strange method in working out which team joins each Super 8 group. The ICC have worked out a seeding for each side, and it is irrelevant whether you finish first or second in your group, as you will keep your original seeding and go into the pre-planned group. If however there is a surprise and the unranked side qualifies, they will take the seeding of the team that hasn’t made the Super 8.  Assuming there are no surprises then Group E of the Super 8 will be: South Africa, England, New Zealand and India. Group F will be: West Indies, Australia, Sri Lanka and Pakistan!!! Seems confusing but it’s supposed to sort out some logistical arrangements.

Group A 
(A1) South Africa
(A2) West Indies

Group B 
(B1) Australia
(B2) England
Group C 
(C1) New Zealand
(C2) Sri Lanka
Group D 
(D1) Pakistan
(D2) India

Group E:    A1, B2, C1, D2
Group F:    A2, B1, C2, D1

The fixtures are shown below, The tournament strts on the 11th of September and ends on the 24th of September

11  South Africa  v  West Indies  Wanderers Stadium   18:00
12  New Zealand  v  Kenya   Kingsmead   10:00
12  Pakistan   v  Scotland   Kingsmead   14:00
12  Australia   v  Zimbabwe  Newlands   18:00
13  West Indies  v  Bangladesh  Wanderers Stadium   10:00
13  Zimbabwe  v  England   Newlands   14:00
13  India   v  Scotland   Kingsmead   18:00
14  Sri Lanka   v  Kenya   Wanderers Stadium   10:00
14  Australia   v  England   Newlands   14:00
14  India   v  Pakistan   Kingsmead   18:00
15  Sri Lanka   v  New Zealand  Wanderers Stadium   14:00
15  South Africa  v  Bangladesh  Newlands   18:00
16   C1  v  D2   Wanderers Stadium   10:00
16   B1  v  A2   Newlands   14:00
16   A1  v  B2   Newlands   18:00
17   D1  v  C2   Wanderers Stadium   18:00
18   C1  v  B2   Kingsmead   10:00
18   B1  v  D1   Wanderers Stadium   14:00
18   A2  v  C2   Wanderers Stadium   18:00
19   A1  v  C1   Kingsmead   14:00
19   B2  v  D2   Kingsmead   18:00
20   B1  v  C2   Newlands    10:00
20   A2  v  D1   Newlands   14:00
20   A1  v  D2   Kingsmead   18:00
22   E2  v  F1   Newlands (SF 1)   13:00
22   E1  v  F2   Kingsmead (SF 2)   18:00
24   Final  v  Final   Wanderers Stadium (Final)  14:00