SA Cricketers drinking too much?

Adrian Le Roux has made some statements that will be considered pretty controversial in a confidential report submitted to CSA that has been leaked. “I felt confident (before the tournament) that, apart from Roger Telemachus, all players in the squad were physically ready for the challenge of a two-month tournament,” wrote Le Roux in the report. “In my opinion the use of alcohol within the national team is a problem. This does not include all the players, but it does include players who play a vital role within the team.”

It comes as no surprise to many supporters that such allegations have been made. especially after there were several players out drinking late into the night after the match against New Zealand in the Cricket World Cup. Those with a good memory will remember Graeme Smith being interviewed about the incident and instead of lambasting the players he defended their actions indicating that they needed to unwind.

The current squad needs to be shaken up and it seems unlikely this will happen before the Pro twenty world cup, I suspect the fans will see some changes after “cricket on speed” has been completed.

On a side issue, one can sit and wonder why a player was taken to the world cup who was not in the appropriate condition!!!