Arno Jacobs and Nantie Hayward

In my last post I mentioned that Scotland had managed to get hold of Arno Jacobs for the Friends Provident trophy. He has already played his first game, which was not as successful as he would have liked, but there is a long season ahead. The recent big news is that Hayward has been signed by Ireland, also for the Friends Provident Trophy. I am not sure if Ireland have struggled to find players or they see something in Hayward that the rest of us are missing.

Hayward had an average of 31.74 and went for 4.6 an over in the recent MTN domestic championship. He is a player that can delight or disgust without ever giving either the luxury of consistency. It will be interesting to see how he performs as he is one of few South Africans with genuine pace, and a fierce attitude.