Yesterdays match, was of no interest to me, watching SA, the number one side in the world play the Mickey mouse minnows, really doesn’t arouse my interest. There is no pleasure derived form watching a slaughter, so I missed the game. I did hear on the radio, that the cracks on the pitch have widened, and whilst watching the rugby at the firemans, out of the corner of my eye I saw Bangladesh make 250 odd, their highest world cup score. In the back of my mind I found it a bit odd, this is the second side, that has posted their highest World cup score, against us. Maybe its even the third? Has Australia made more than 377?? That was Australia’s highest world cup total, which means that 3 teams in 6 matches have posted their highest total against us in world cups!!!

There is no need for me to make a smart ass comment, like it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that our bowlers are struggling. For some reason South Africa relishes batting second. Even though over years of the game being played, and many experts advocating that if you win the toss, bat, South Africa has chosen to field. South Africa has the logic that the there is assistance for the team bowling first. If this is true I shudder to think how poor our bowling would be if we bowled second!!!!

There might still be some mental scarring from the ICC championship where the Windies, particularly Gayle, came in and murdered out attack. This is the only reason I can think of for bowling first. Yesterday, from some reports I have read indicated that the pitch got worse not better, there was assistance for the spinners, which South Africa don’t have and graft a score was necessary, not hero shots which caused the demise of some of the players.

If South Africa want to get anywhere, a complete re-think is needed, there are middle order batsmen that need to be replaced, and the spinner – presumably the best spinner in the country needs to play – however Peterson will do…….