Cricket World Cup South Africa vs Sri Lanka

Chokers of the Cup>>> 

South Africa faced Sri Lanka in their first Super 8 match, in Guyana today. The weather played its part, allowing the game to be played in mainly sunny conditions. Sri Lanka won the toss and elected to bat first, posting a modest total of 209, even though they were 208/6 at one stage,. Langeveldt bowled beautifully to restrict the Sri Lankans, picking up 2 consecutive wickets and landing himself with a hat-trick ball in his next game. It is very rare to see a side crumble and lose their last 4 wickets for one run!!!

When SA came into bat, it looked like the game was on when De Villiers was dismissed in the first over,  however Smith and Kallis formed a solid second wicket partnership and carried the score to 96 before Smith was stumped, schoolboy error by the captain.

Gibbs came to the crease and added 31 before getting restless and losing his wicket. At this stage SA were160/3 after 32 overs needing just 5 more runs. The label of choker has been applied to South Africa, and from the relatively comfortable spot of 160/3 SA lost Boucher without troubling the scorers and then Kemp making it 182/5 then Pollock was dismissed leaving the score at 205/6 requiring just another 4 runs with 4 wickets in hand. Hall was dismissed the next ball by Malinga who just completed his over. SA were looking slightly uncomfortable, at 205/7 however Kallis managed a single off the first ball of Vass’s over, Peterson survived the rest of the over.

Kallis got to face Malinga’s hat trick ball, which was a half volley outside off, which instead rocketing to the boundary, Kallis edged it, Malinga achieved a hat trick, and SA were 207/8!!!! Ntini came to the crease and was bowled by an absolute jaffer, although he should have tried to keep it out, it was a brilliant piece of bowling great Yorker. This left SA on 207/9 3 runs away from victory.

Langeveldt managed to perform the first step of the Heimlich manevour, scraping a single off Malinga, only to be facing an over of Vaas from the other side which he did successfully, then it was up to Peterson to face Malinga, he managed to perform the second part by edging a fullish delivery which went for four, he was ably assisted by Jayawardene who didn’t bring in a second slip, when it was vital for one to be in place as Peterson had previously played and missed a couple of shots aimed in  the cover region….

It was a game that shouldn’t have been so close, yet both sides managed to lose 4 wickets for one run at the end of the innings, however SA escaped with a 1 wicket win which was vital if they want to advance through to the semi-finals.