South Africa recieved their first clouting in the Caribbean, with Pakistan restricting SA to 199 and reaching the total with 3 wickets to play. The excuses have started, “It was a tale of two pitches,” Mickey Arthur, South Africa’s coach, told AFP. “When we batted it was wet and difficult, but later the pitch dried up and became easier.”

I am not sure how the rest of the coutry feels about the excuse handed out by the coach nor if his side feel the same way. I am sure that its a poor excuse. In many games, the winning of the toss is a huge advantage, and no doubt was this one. However, the top scorer was Loots Bosman, a man who has been mentioned previously in this blog. Loots has been shifted, i mean shafted all over the place, with very little regard for giving the man some stability and confidence about his role in the side. He clearly isn’t meant to be a regular in the side, yet he can score 53 on this terrible pitch.

One must wonder if the pitch was really wet and difficult, and if so why didnt the South Africans sacrifice some of the lower order players upfront? Either way, its two warm up matches and two poor results. However they were irrelevant warm-up games and next week brings the real challenge.