There is nothing better than the ashes rivalry and the banter that goes with it. Betfair have managed to put together FanvFan featuring Jason Gillespie and Phil Tufnell. 

Fan v Fan brings together English cricketing legend Phil ‘Tuffers’ Tufnell and Aussie fast-bowling giant Jason ‘Dizzy’ Gillespie as rivals competing in a series of special head-to-head challenges. The Betfair Challenges take place over the summer, and see Tuffers and Dizzy battling it out in the name of their respective country’s national pride to see which of them will be crowned Fan v Fan champion.


These guys have completed their first challenge, pedallo racing and are gearing up for the second challenge mower racing. With horse racing and zorbing coming as well as other challenges its going to be an interesting summer!!!

Sit back, relax and enjoy