2nd one day international between India and SA

Very good toss to win by SA, which they took full advantage of with Kallis getting a century – 119 not out, followed up by Nel picking up 4/13…..

It was a whitewash by the South African side, not surprising when you consider the opening match, India were also demolished by the sheer pace of Steyn. The Indians are looking way out of their depth in South Africa, the faster bouncier pitches can be the only excuse they can give as an excuse to their cricket mad supporters.

The next game is at Newlands on Sunday, don’t be surprised to see the Indians performing a little better, in the day game. It really is tough to bat second in Kingsmead especially when it is swinging and seaming around.

In the third ODI, South Africa need to exploit their frail middle order, which needs to be boosted to give them any chance of competing, alternatively Tendulkar and Dravid need to bat out the whole game.

South Africa are struggling with their top order, with Smith struggling to justify his inclusion in the squad as a batsman, Kallis seemingly having an off season apart from today, and Bosman a new comer to the side. Below are the stats for this year, excluding today’s game. Without Smith’s unbeaten century earlier in the year against Australia he has had a very poor season, scoring just 71 runs in 4 matches at the ICC champions trophy.

GC Smith 17 1 481 30.06
JH Kallis 10 0 205 20.50

Smith has lead South Africa to an impressive ODI record at home winning 7 out of 9 (incl tonight) but leaving us with a disastrous record overseas, putting us above Zimbabwe and Netherlands this year for the worst away performances!!!