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Ranadeb Bose

Ranadep Bose picked up 5-51 against the Sri Lanka A side and seems to be a player that deserves a chance in the final test especially after Sreesanth lost it in the last test. The youngster has talent but has been mentally challenged in the series and seems to be struggling to produce the goods that he is capable of. Bose has been around the fringes for years, almost breaking through in 2005 when he joined the so called top 30 for a conditioning camp. He has a domestic average of 24.5 and an economy of 2.65. In his first class career he has collected just over 200 wickets. With 16 five-fors and 4 tenners in a match.

“In his Ranji career, Ranadeb has bowled over 12,000 deliveries and countless ones at other official games but hasn’t over-stepped even once.” This must be some sort of record and I certainly cant think of another fast bowler who can claim this.

Bose was interviewed before departing for England and said “Even as a kid I liked the fact that my friends were afraid to face me. They were scared of me. They kind of hero-worshipped me. I enjoy making the batsmen feel uncomfortable and that is how it will be all my life.”

There is very little in the way of India claiming the series, especially with the traditional English summer ensuring that it will more than likely rain at least once during the final test. India haven’t got their strongest batting line-up but I think its capable of posting a big score, thus if the can ensure England don’t compile a total of 500 in an innings, they shouldn’t lose. If they had a bowler who picked up wickets consistently like Khan and Singh they should walk away with the 3rd test. Sreesanth has picked up wickets, but either picks up a couple or nothing.

Prediction: India to win the series with either a draw or win in the final test, with Sreesanth playing.