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Twenty20 Fixtures for the group stages

The first day on the group stages got underway on Sunday with New Zealand, Australia and South Africa winning their matches. The group stages finish on Thursday with the semi finals being played on Saturday and the final on Monday, a public holiday in South Africa.

The remaining fixtures for the group stages:

17   PAKISTAN  v  SRI LANKA   Wanderers Stadium   18:00
18   NEW ZEALAND  v  ENGLAND   Kingsmead   10:00
18   AUSTRALIA  v  PAKISTAN   Wanderers Stadium   14:00
18   BANGLADESH  v  SRI LANKA   Wanderers Stadium   18:00
19   SOUTH AFRICA  v  NEW ZEALAND   Kingsmead   14:00
19   ENGLAND  v  INDIA   Kingsmead   18:00
20   AUSTRALIA  v  SRI LANKA   Newlands    10:00
20   BANGLADESH  v  PAKISTAN   Newlands   14:00
20   SOUTH AFRICA  v  INDIA   Kingsmead   18:00

World Twenty20 Cup Groups and Fixtures

Format: There are four groups with 3 teams in each group for the Pro20 World Cup. The top two teams go through to a super 8 group either Group E or F. The ICC has devised a fairly strange method in working out which team joins each Super 8 group. The ICC have worked out a seeding for each side, and it is irrelevant whether you finish first or second in your group, as you will keep your original seeding and go into the pre-planned group. If however there is a surprise and the unranked side qualifies, they will take the seeding of the team that hasn’t made the Super 8.  Assuming there are no surprises then Group E of the Super 8 will be: South Africa, England, New Zealand and India. Group F will be: West Indies, Australia, Sri Lanka and Pakistan!!! Seems confusing but it’s supposed to sort out some logistical arrangements.

Group A 
(A1) South Africa
(A2) West Indies

Group B 
(B1) Australia
(B2) England
Group C 
(C1) New Zealand
(C2) Sri Lanka
Group D 
(D1) Pakistan
(D2) India

Group E:    A1, B2, C1, D2
Group F:    A2, B1, C2, D1

The fixtures are shown below, The tournament strts on the 11th of September and ends on the 24th of September

11  South Africa  v  West Indies  Wanderers Stadium   18:00
12  New Zealand  v  Kenya   Kingsmead   10:00
12  Pakistan   v  Scotland   Kingsmead   14:00
12  Australia   v  Zimbabwe  Newlands   18:00
13  West Indies  v  Bangladesh  Wanderers Stadium   10:00
13  Zimbabwe  v  England   Newlands   14:00
13  India   v  Scotland   Kingsmead   18:00
14  Sri Lanka   v  Kenya   Wanderers Stadium   10:00
14  Australia   v  England   Newlands   14:00
14  India   v  Pakistan   Kingsmead   18:00
15  Sri Lanka   v  New Zealand  Wanderers Stadium   14:00
15  South Africa  v  Bangladesh  Newlands   18:00
16   C1  v  D2   Wanderers Stadium   10:00
16   B1  v  A2   Newlands   14:00
16   A1  v  B2   Newlands   18:00
17   D1  v  C2   Wanderers Stadium   18:00
18   C1  v  B2   Kingsmead   10:00
18   B1  v  D1   Wanderers Stadium   14:00
18   A2  v  C2   Wanderers Stadium   18:00
19   A1  v  C1   Kingsmead   14:00
19   B2  v  D2   Kingsmead   18:00
20   B1  v  C2   Newlands    10:00
20   A2  v  D1   Newlands   14:00
20   A1  v  D2   Kingsmead   18:00
22   E2  v  F1   Newlands (SF 1)   13:00
22   E1  v  F2   Kingsmead (SF 2)   18:00
24   Final  v  Final   Wanderers Stadium (Final)  14:00