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Bob Woolmer Dies

It is very sad news that Bob Woolmer has passed away. He was a fantastic coach, and a man that seemed very composed. When he was coach of South Africa, his record, according to his website, was: South Africa wins 73% of its one-day internationals, and 10 out of 15 Test series.

His downfall was the world cup, where South Africa lost to Australia by 0.1 run!!! His next international side that he coached was the Pakistan team, where early in his tenure there was the infamous incident of Hair accusing Pakistan of tampering with the ball, and the side refusing to come out of the dressing room.

There will be many questions surrounding his death, which came about right after Pakistan’s shock exit from the world cup, losing to the Irish on St Paddy’s day.

Regardless of the outcome of the autopsy, whether it was natural or sinister, the cricketing world has lost a man who lived for the game and loved the game. His contributions to cricket were enormous, he was selected in 1977 as one of Wisden’s 5 cricketers of the year, he helped coach all over the world and seemed like a real gentleman.