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England vs India 2nd Test Day 3 Preview

India are 259/3 going into the start of day 3.  Tendulkar and Ganguly are at the wicket with Laxman and Dhoni still to come before the tail starts. England have been chasing leather and need to get some control in the first session today, if they cant pick up a wicket,  expect to see India at 350 plus at lunch.

The positive side for England is that India has a monster tail. As said previously, England has great bowlers for a county side and they could clean up the less talented tail with innocuous deliveries that the top order would smirk at. However if England can make an early breakthrough before lunch and try restrict the Indians scoring, India could be out for 370 which is a score England will be more that happy with.

I predict Tendulkar posting a big hundred with support from Ganguly and Laxman. Dhoni will behave like he is part of the tail swinging at everything however today he will not be as lucky as previously and will be out for less than twenty, whilst the rest of the tail is cleaned up for under thirty. Essentially England need to get three wickets cheaply and things will fall apart for the Indians. I don’t see it happening and I see Tendulkar walking into lunch with a hundred to his name.

The only thing I am not sure of is what the weather will be like as there was plenty of rain about England last night so if Trent Bridge has been graced with more rain the English will be smiling. More than likely it will be an overcast day and hopefully Sidebottom who I rte highly can the ball in the right place. He can be a very good bowler if he gets his line and length right but seems to be a “form” bowler and can either delight or disgust the supporters.

England vs India 1st Test

There have been numerous reports in England and on the internet stating that England deserved to win, how unlucky they were and how the bad light cruelly intervened. There is no doubt in my mind England lost it on their own. Slow over rates didn’t help them- however there was a prediction of rain for the day and it came a lot later than expected so there is no excuse that rain intervened, it should have intervened an hour earlier.

England picked up the key wickets very early on in the morning which brought Laxman and Dhoni to the crease. England knew that the lengthy tail followed and one more wicket could bring about the same collapse as the first innings. Just one wicket was required and England managed to claim that wicket however it took just under 28 overs to do so. Two hours without a wicket in perfect bowling conditions and a low scoring game is unacceptable. England can blame the weather gods or anyone else for that matter, but in reality the blame lies within the England camp.

India got lucky – there are few times a side has been nine down with more than a session left being offered the light. India got out of jail no doubt, however they were let out more than they escaped. If this is the best bowling attack England can produce for the summer, the English better prey for more rain as the Indian batsmen will destroy them in the upcoming tests.